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Neoka Shaddow Walker.


Lives : on the outskirts of Wrinkle, in the Province of the Falling Hills.

Occupation: Herb Healer and Animal Healer.

"My origins are guarded ... But is quite obvious that I am of the Night Heron Clan, of the indigenous Shadow Walker Tribe. My people are a mystery to most. Our apearance tends to intimidate and scare others of this land. We are usually very tall, and finely muscled from a life of working with nature. We tend to dress in animal skins, and only to cover our unmentionable parts. And we carry amulets around our necks from our totem animals. We have a religion that only a few outsiders understand, one of harmony, and respect with nature. We are mostly harmless and tend to stick to Healing with herbs and tending to sick animals. But we are also very strong hunters, trackers, and fierce warriors. We are born to specific clans that are named after a token animal. A select few of us are blessed at birth by this animal, and take on some appearance of the totem. I am of the Night Heron clan. At birth I was blessed by Neokalise, the Great Night Heron Mother, hence the violet eyes and black hair. And yes, my finger tips really do glow. The Shadow Walkers number only a couple dozen now, scattered through out the land. Every year we gather together in a secret location to get back to our heritage, swap stories and goods, and most importantly to heal our life force. I will continue to help my people by educating others about us. Don't be afraid of us. Befriend me, and I will be a life friend. My home is open to all Umbagollins, and animals. Stop by, and I will share my knowledge."

Neoka's home, being close to the mudflats, the rivers and the Falling Hills, seems unredeemingly soggy and bleak to an outsider, but anyone who lays their head low to the ground where the earth is protected from the wind by protruberant rocks will see a fabulous garden of tiny, precise whorls, twists, miniature branches hung with shapes like fruits and bulbs emerging upward. This is the plant-life of the place, hidden in plan view where anyone can see it if only they look down with an observant gaze and hold their big feet still instead of trampling the whorls underfoot.