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The Isle of Yunck and Aorist Island.

The small twin islands of Yunck and Aorist were once a single body of land : this is obvious when you contemplate the narrow strait between them. The water is so shallow that an adult can wade from one island to the other without wetting their chin. The bottom of the strait is bare rock, as are the surfaces of the islands on either side of it, but something has caused this stretch of land to crack, drop and become submerged. Seaweed has grown over the broken stone and cloaked the strait in a dark, level blanket, slippery to the feet and worrying to look upon.
A view across the Islands
The islands themselves are desolate. The few trees that grow here have thin, grey trunks like bundles of worn string, twisted, blasted and pressed sideways against the rock by a lifetime of hard salt wind. Aorist Island is inhabited by the Forgotten Cuniform Albatrosses, who have chosen the island as a place to build nests out of pebbles and lay their eggs. Insects and tiny crustaceans crawl across the rock feeding on the albatrosses' guano.

The Isle of Yunck boasts a waterfall and an underground cave system which houses the town of Cumber Poidy. A short, thick jetty, the Poidians single point of contact with the mainland, juts out from the island like a thumb. It is kept carefully maintained by the Cumber Poidy Citizens' Jetty Watch Team Alliance and it is from this jetty that boats set out to carry the Poidians' sea-crops across Pithistle Strait to the mainland where they are sold.