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Becoming a Citizen.

Becoming a citizen of Umbagollah is easy. All you have to do is fill in the form below and send it to us. Notification of citizenship, a description of your house and other details should arrive in your mailbox within a fortnight. The information you submit will be listed on your Inhabitant's page.

Don't be alarmed if your letter takes a few days to arrive. The Governor answers each submission personally, and sometimes her real life gets in the way of a speedy response.

We like to meet our new inhabitants, so make sure you visit the forum and introduce yourself. Your fellow Umbagollians should be able to answer any questions you have about the country. The forum is also a place for role-playing and general conversation.

If you would like to know more about us, read our Frequently Asked Questions, the Role-playing FAQ or visit the forum.

What is your Umbagollian name?

What is your email address?

May I put your email address on your inhabitant's page?
(I don't mind if you say 'No.')

Which part of Umbagollah are you moving to?

What is your Umbagollian occupation going to be? (* see below for suggestions)

Tell us something about yourself. This will go in the 'Comments' section of your inhabitant's page (see here for an example.)

(PS. The Governor promises not to pass your email address on to spammers or any other nefarious individuals. She will use it to contact you personally, and that is all. Please make sure that you haven't made any spelling errors there - we've had a couple of Welcome messages that couldn't be delivered because the address they were being sent to was incorrect.

* Potential occupations.
A lecturer/student at the University of Ex or the Gum Jublet Puppetry College
A member of the Cumber Poidy choir.
An actor (see an Exian theatre guide and the Gibli Theatre Company. There is also a thriving musical theatre scene in Jail.)
A herbalist or doctor.
An assistant at the Dream Orrery.
A mystic (see Beliefs.)
A Government minister.