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The Inhabitants.

Some Umbagollians are quiet, private souls. Others, however, are happy to share the details of their lives with visitors. If you would like to become an Umbagollan inhabitant, fill in the form on the Citizenship page.

Umbagollians who lose contact with the country for more than one month may find themselves deleted. You can make contact by emailing the Gov, or posting on the forum.

The province of Ex.
Bardash. A Warrior.
Carver Moss. Dreamer and Speaker for Trees.
Challio Preptat A revolutionary.
Co What'sinaname. A political refugee.
Jade Docet. A Mana Scientist.
Leilan Kathain Writer and Artist.
Lord Horatio Glare. A decadant aristocrat.
Marionette Quay. Ex's Minister for Silence.
Naomi Rivière. Aristocrat.
Dr Quirk Yesterday. Doctor of Sesquipedality
Samara Jalàya. A fortune teller.
Shadowind. A criminal organisation.
Stanly D'amour Warrior, traveller, part-time broom salesman.
Trevon Andarosel. Ambassador and story teller.
Vyevarin Stone. A doctor.
Wolf de Flame. Mercenary/tracker and fruit salesman.
Zoé Michéle D'Aubigne An aristocrat's daughter.

The province of Gum Gooloo Gum Jublet.
Lucius Ambulantis. Nature observer.
Martin Madhopper Mux. Explorer.
MacFaddy of Glenshane. A wild aristocrat.
Reyna T'lath Retired pirate/miser of free time
Talulah Cut-Glass Artist.
Chirannon Wynn Dancer of the Dead

The province of the Falling Hills.
Casandra Fireblade. Assassain and tracker.
Ecco Vega Wandering bard.
Mindspring. Artist.
Neoka Shaddow Walker Herb Healer and Animal Healer.
Peros Ultyssa. A drifter.
Duke Goliath O'Charmi'en. An aristocrat.
Zymphrumple op Cargh A player of horns and fashioner of flutes and houses.

The North-Western Province.
Albert Fault. A professional blackmailer.
Beryl Dulcinea Futtock. A moral reformer.
Dwitlan Xan. Assassin.
Jailia Godentine. A gardener and carpenter.
Septimus Rot. A Work-Shy Fop.
Junkes Tasbane. Writer and messer.
Tarin Quincey Thief.
Mistress Tristania Runs a pleasure house.
Naimah Seress Myst A fortune-teller, writer and actor.
Yussop Di Wanderer and guide.

Cumber Poidy.
Mr Stir-Fry-And-Die Martial arts instructor.
Jimmy Finler. A young solo singer.

Forrest and Jareth. Brothers.
The Wild Bunch. A group of thieves and rebels.